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Guardian Home Program

One Big Family

At OffTheEdge Labradoodles, all our dogs live as part of a family, taking part in outings and dog friendly activities. In an effort for us to expand our breeding program, we offer dogs in a Guardian Home program. This allows us to breed and train dogs without raising any in a kennel environment.

Puppies, young adults or adults are available for an adoption fee to our guardian homes. This fee will be refunded at the end of the breeding contract when the dog has finished its breeding program. Puppies in Guardian homes have shorter breeding careers. After their breeding time, usually 3 litters for the girl, our guardian family will keep the dog for the entire life of the dog. We also offer our guardian families the opportunity to select one pet puppy as their own personal companion from one of the future litters at no charge, instead of the adoption fee refund. In the case of a male, you may select one pet puppy from one of our personal females.

Microchip and ownership registration of the dog will be with OffTheEdge Labradoodles until after the dog is desexed. OffTheEdge Labradoodles will register the dog with the guardians local government authority.

Day to day expense, feeding the correct food and regular Veterinary care will be the responsibility of the Guardian Family.
Breeding expenses and health testing related to breeding will be the responsibility of OffTheEdge Labradoodles.
If OffTheEdge Labradoodles decide not to breed with the dog, then it will be de-sexed at your expense and will remain your forever family dog.
OffTheEdge Labradoodles will not hold the Guardian liable for accidental death, injury or illness which renders the dog unable to fulfill its obligations under this agreement.

OffTheEdge Labradoodles will take the dog back and dissolve the agreement for any reason, no questions asked, if the guardian no longer wishes to keep the dog.


How to qualify as an
OffTheEdge Labradoodle Guardian

Be willing to feed what we feed our dogs and follow OffTheEdge Labradoodles breeder’s recommendations for the dog’s basic health care and veterinarian care, such as vaccine schedules, the use of certain medications, etc. and emergency care as needed.

The primary caregiver must have a schedule that will not cause the dog to be left home alone for long periods of time on a regular basis.

No other intact dogs of the opposite sex should ever be on the premises to prevent unwanted mating.

You need to live within 350 kms of Manjimup. No anticipated job transfers that remove the dog beyond this 350 km radius, until the dog is six years old or spayed or neutered or both parties agree to it in writing.

You need to be willing to enforce basic obedience either through formal class training or training at home. You need to limit certain types of exercise until the dog is 12 months old.

You need to have a physical fence or an invisible Fence.

You need to be willing to openly communicate with OffTheEdge Labradoodles about any matter related to the dog and allow us to occasionally visit your home at a mutually convenient time and send us monthly reports on the dog’s progress as well as photos.

You need to be willing to work with us to complete health testing; in most cases you will be able to take the dog to a local Vet for the testing. Testing may include hips, eyes, cardiac, & blood test.

For Labradoodle Females

Females – will produce three litters, unless both parties agree otherwise. Usually she has two litters then skips a season for a break and then another litter, depending on the dog and circumstances.

You need to be willing to work with us to coordinate the breeding of a female, by doing simple progesterone tests to determine proper time of breeding. If the breeding is to be an AI (Artificial Insemination), we may ask that you take her to one of our Perth breeder verts; this will allow you to keep her with you until closer to her whelp date. We want our dogs to remain with you as much as possible.

During her gestation period, you will need to keep in close contact with us. You need to agree to limit taking her to any public dog places such as a park to limit the chance of possible infection.

Understand and agree that females will need to come back to us at about 5 days at the end of her gestation and will give birth at our home unless agreed otherwise by both parties. Females will be with us for about 4-6 weeks after giving birth or when she has weaned her pups off and then will be returned to you. After a maximum of 3 litters the dog will be spayed and will then stay with you in their forever home.

Of course you are welcome to come and visit her and her puppies any time during her stay with us.

For Labradoodle Males

Males – Will be neutered at around Six years old or at the end of the breeding contract (unless both parties agree otherwise).
You need to be willing to work with us to coordinate breeding of our males, we may ask that you take the dog to one of our Perth breeder Vets for collection of semen, this will allow the dog to stay with you. Understand that in some cases we will want to use the dog for a natural breeding. We reserve the right to have this dog’s semen collected and frozen for breeding purposes; we will retain sole breeding rights to this dog.  


If you are interested in becoming a Guardian to one of our puppies, young adults or adults, please e-mail us for more information.

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