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Labradoodle Care


Lots of cuddles and reassuring hugs is the first thing your puppy will need.

So make it feel loved and secure. Offer your new puppy a little food as soon as it arrives or if you don’t live far, as soon as you get home. Your puppy will not have been fed since the evening meal the day before if it has travelled by air, as it is better for it to travel on an empty stomach. Have fresh water available at all times. 2-3 hours later feed another small meal.


If we have not managed to register your pup’s microchip in your name at microchipping time, you will have received microchipping transfer forms by email. Please fill these in and your puppy can be registered in your name on line. You will require this microchip ownership form to register your puppy with your local council. Or registration can be changed at or depending of which company your puppy was microchipped at. 

Pet Insurance


We recommend insuring with the RSPCA as some of your money goes to help animals in need. Otherwise we recommended Petinsurance -
Choice Magazine gives some recommendations to 1300 Insurance Pet Protect and Pet Insurance Australia, where for around $16.70 monthly with $500 excess, you can cover you dog for Accident Injury and Illness Cover and $500 annual tick paralysis (no excess).

About Collars

Your puppy arrives with a collar which will last for quite a long time. A guide to the size of your puppy’s neck at 8 weeks of age for collar size is as follows: Minis 15cm, Medium 22cm and Standard 30cm. But your puppy has had no or very little leash training, so take it gently and at the very beginning only use one if you absolutely need to.

offtheedge labradoodles

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labradoodle puppies


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